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Founded in 1925, The Erie Insurance Group has grown to become one of the leading providers of Auto, Home, Business and Life Insurance in the country. All this has been accomplished while only operating in 10 states. The proof that Erie provides quality Auto, Home, Business and Life Insurance at such a reasonable cost and with such great service is in the overwhelming popularity in the states they operate in.  In Winchester, KYErie insurance is the leader in all categories including competitive pricing and delivering a great product at a reasonable price. Erie Insurance has been our “Lead Company” since 1986 When I started the agency and has always surpassed our expectations when it comes to service, coverage and pricing.  Hand’s down, Erie Insurance is a  leader in the field in all categories.

Erie’s expansion into Kentucky was a great opportunity for us as well as the residents of Winchester. Erie’s reputation for providing a superior product at excellent prices, and service that is the among the best in the industry will soon be common knowledge among locals. Word of mouth is the best advertising and we’re no stranger to clients spreading the good word about us. We look forward to serving Winchester in the same way we’ve served Bradford residents since 1986.
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Founded in 1810 the Hartford is one of the largest financial and insurance operations in the world. Assets in 2008 were upwards on 286Billion Dollars for the Hartford.  Preferred Auto and Home insurance through the Hartford  for our Pa customers has become more cost effective in the past few years with the introduction of Hartford’s newest programs for preferred drivers and homeowners.






As one of America’s leading church insurers, GuideOne Insurance offers comprehensive coverages, a broad array of risk management resources and superior church market expertise.     

In fact, we have        updated our church policy to provide you with even better coverage than before,  plus added NEW coverages you won’t find from any other church insurer.

In addition, no competitor can match the knowledgeable service provided by GuideOne        Insurance agents and our team.







Since 1937  this A+ rated company has beeen providing auto, motorcycle, boat, commercial auto and atv insurance for millions of satsified customers. Progressive’s dissappearing deductible on motorcycle and atv insurance makes them the company of choice for serious riders who appreciate being rewarded for their loyalty. Progressive is the industry leader in technology and bringing the newest products to market.